13 Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress

In this article we are going to see some of the most frequent questions that users have about WordPress and the use of the platform. It is common for questions and concerns to arise, especially when the tool to create a professional website is chosen and it is going to receive many visits.

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress

If you are still not sure about using WordPress for your blog or website, I trust that in this article you can find information to convince you that you will make the best possible decision 🙂

1. What is WordPress?

WordPress is a very flexible and easy-to-use CMS (content management) platform that works primarily to create blogs.

2. How much does WordPress cost?

$ 0.00. Yes, you read that right! WordPress is free. There are two versions of WordPress:

WordPress.com – this is the free web-based version. In a matter of few minutes you can create a blog.

WordPress.ORG – this is the most complete version with the most options to create a professional website with a great design. To use this platform, it is necessary to download and install it in a domain with its own Web hosting, which implies a small economic cost.

Although the second option does have a cost, the platform itself is free.

3. Which is better, WordPress.com or WordPress.ORG? And what is the difference?

Although it might be thought that they are very similar or almost the same, the reality is that there are many differences between the two options. WordPress.com is 100% free and while this might be attractive, it has many limitations in creating a professional website.

On the other hand, WordPress.ORG represents the complete experience of the platform, with many options to modify the site, add plugins, modify the code, with professional domain, own hosting and much more.

Simply put, WordPress.com is like a taste of WordPress.ORG. If you want to create a successful website that meets your expectations 100%, the downloadable platform is undoubtedly the best option.

4. What do I need to be able to use WordPress.org?

There are two essential components:

  • A domain . It’s like the name of your page and what will identify you on the World Wide Web. Example: https://wpfreeplugins.com/, google.com. It has an approximate cost of $ 10 USD per year (very affordable). Check out:
  • A web hosting service . The server or servers that will allow your blog or page to be accessible by millions of Internet users wherever they are. Approximate cost: $ 10 USD per month to start. The hosting service that I recommend the most is Hostinger.

If you have your domain and hosting, you will be ready to use WordPress!

5. Do I need to know programming or web design to use WordPress?

Of course not! One of the main advantages of WordPress is that you do not need to have knowledge or skills of programming, coding or professional web design. If you can check your email, enter Facebook or visit Web pages, you can use WordPress without any problem.

6. How can I install WordPress on my domain?

Since you have your domain linked to your web hosting account, you most likely have access to CPanel, which includes applications that allow you to install different platforms in a matter of 5 minutes (including WordPress).

It is important that you hire a web host that includes CPanel, not only to be able to install WordPress quickly, but also to have access to other available applications and utilities.

7. What are plugins and what do they work for?

Plugins are tools (software) that help improve WordPress functionality in different areas. Any programmer or expert can create a plugin for any type of need.

There are plugins for email marketing, social media, SEO, design, security, and much more.

8. What are the essential plugins for WordPress?

Although there are a large number of plugins that can be installed in WordPress, however, there are a few that are essential for any WordPress installation regardless of the type of page or niche they are in.

9. What is the difference between pages and posts?

If you are going to use WordPress to create a blog, most of your content will be based on the entries (posts), which have chronological order and are classified by publication date, they are the updates of your blog, the articles. Tags can be added to them and they are classified into categories that you create yourself.

It is also much more common for people to leave comments on posts than on pages, they are more like a means of conversation.

If you are going to create a more static page, then your content will be on pages, which are static and have no publication date. An advantage of pages is that you can create “sub-pages” that are part of another and thus classify them much better

10. What are themes and how can I install them?

Themes are templates that help change the design and appearance of your blog or website. There are a large number of themes to adapt the platform to any type of Web page possible.

11. What are Widgets?

Widgets are like a kind of visual plugin used in sidebars. For example, there are widgets that show the most recent articles, the categories, the most visited articles, a contact form, images and much more.

To access the widgets, visit the Appearance> Widgets section in the main WordPress Dashboard.

12. How can I install Google Analytics?

Google Analytics will let you know how many people visit your site, where they come from, how long they stay, which pages they visit and much more. It is a very useful tool and best of all: 100% free.

13. How can I insert a contact form on my blog?

There are many ways to achieve this, the easiest is by installing the “Contact Form 7” plugin. You can add it from the same page or create it in a more personalized way in the plugin options.

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