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Best Strategies to Create a Continuous Writing Habit for your Blog

Writing is not easy.

Regardless of whether there are people who have a natural ability or talent for writing, creating the constant discipline of writing often can be complicated and a never-ending process.

It’s like Michael Jordan or Lionel Messi. I’m sure they were born with impressive basketball and soccer skills; However, to get to the top and win everything they have won they had to go through hours and hours of effort, practice and dedication.

Talent alone is not enough.

On the other hand, there are players who do not have as much talent or natural ability; they are technically much more limited than the big stars. However, based on dedication and perseverance they have been able to excel in their respective sports.

Even if you think you have no talent or you don’t know how to write well; you can get into the habit and get better with time and practice. Never underestimate our possibilities.

Blogs are perfect tools to publicize our business, products, services and position ourselves in any market niche. However, many people do not take advantage of them because they do not believe it is possible to write quality content and also with perseverance.

It is time to remove this belief and make the most of what we can offer the world through publishing and blogging.

We are going to see some tips that you can start putting into practice today to get into the habit of writing continuously and most important of all: creating content of the highest quality and usefulness for your readers.

Define the frequency of publication on your blog

How many entries are you going to post on your blog every week and every month? This will depend on the objectives you have, the type of blog you are going to create and your market niche.

There are topics that do not require more than 2 or 3 articles a week, while there are others that cover so many topics that you need to publish every day or even more.

If you are starting with your blog and you do not have much experience writing, I recommend you start small.

Two or three entries a week seems like an excellent measure. One is very little and more than three could be overwhelming.

As you progress, you can increase the rate of publication and see what is the frequency and rhythm that best suits you.

Write all your ideas

As bloggers we must always try to be innovative and create original content that stands out above the rest. When we start a blog in a serious and committed way, something phenomenal happens: our mind begins to generate ideas and think about what will be our next topic, guide or tutorial to publish.

Those ideas can be worth gold and become a successful article that generates thousands of visits; That is why as soon as they arise, they must be recorded immediately! I don’t exactly remember the phrase, but it says something like: “The shorter pencil is much more effective than the larger memory . 

If we don’t write down our ideas, they may be lost or not have the same impact as if we “captured” them right away. Our mind is very scattered and with hundreds of thoughts a day, more so now with so many distractions and demands in this technological era.

Buy an exclusive notebook today to write down ideas you have. These can even be about new products or emails to your subscriber list.

If you do not have your notebook at hand at the moment, write it down on your mobile in the notes application or as a message; we all have our mobiles (almost) always available.

Accept that you have to make an effort and work hard

There are no short cuts.

There is no magic formula to write a thousand words a day and create the best content in the world. The faster you accept the fact that frequent and quality writing requires real time and effort, the faster skill develops.

Don’t look for the magic pill. Does not exist.

Create content marathons An excellent tip that has worked for me to write faster and better is to create content marathons. By this I mean spending long amounts of hours writing the content that I need to publish in the days, weeks, or even months to come.

If you publish 3 articles a week; you can create all the content in advance in a weekend.

Friday saturday and sunday. 5 hours every day. In total 15 hours to write 12 articles. It doesn’t sound bad at all.

What I do guarantee is that the feeling of knowing that you already have the content for the next few weeks on your blog scheduled is incredible and unmatched. You can focus on equally important tasks of your blog such as marketing, creating relationships with other bloggers and why not? Create your first digital product.

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