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How to do marketing for my business through Branding in 2021

Marketing is an inescapable necessity for anyone who has a business or a project that wants to earn a living. That is why we are going to see how I do marketing for my business and, incidentally, we will take a few lessons for you to apply to your project.

Well, I am a specialist in Branding, in developing brands that make their clients fall in love. A couple of years ago I wrote ” Hypertext Branding “, a manual to learn how to create a brand and develop it over time. I think the best way to do marketing for my business is through my brand .

In this case it is a personal brand, but in others it is a commercial brand. It’s the same. The brand is the graphic and emotional representation of the experience that the user , the client, the consumer of a product or service has. It is a graphic representation because the brand is usually associated with the logo , with the typography, the colors … with the elements of the corporate identity . But the brand is also an emotional representation that is created in the mind of the consumer and that we Branding specialists call Positioning .

When it comes to Marketing for your business, especially if you do not have many financial or human resources, you need the user experience , the emotional experience , the one that permeates the brain and is linked to the logo and the products. , be so memorable that it is placed unequivocally in the right place, with the values ​​and attributes that you want to communicate .

This is especially important because when you don’t have a lot of money to do big advertising campaigns, you need the little you do to be incredibly effective. Why do I insist so much on this when I talk about Branding?

Because the brands that achieve an emotional bond between their products and their customers are the ones that never stop growing , the ones that succeed and the ones that make their businesses more profitable than those of their competitors.

In a study carried out by one of the most important advertising agencies in the world, it is stated that 91% of brands are dispensable for indian consumers.

If you want your business to work, if you want to do marketing so that your business works, the first thing you must achieve is that your brand is essential for your customers. And when I say your brand I mean experience, because if you focus your effort on making your product essential, there will come a day when you have to release another product and that will not be essential.

How to do marketing for my business through content

The following Marketing advice for your business, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in big campaigns, is not to do big campaigns . Maybe some small, some promoted content, but forget about Google Adwords. It is less and less profitable if you do not have a specialist to optimize your campaigns and a budget that you can maintain indefinitely.

If you have time, spend that time creating content. It’s a lot, I know, but since it’s what I do best, it’s very profitable to spend my time creating the best content on Branding or Marketing for entrepreneurs.

Content Marketing is the basis of Inbound Marketing . Thanks to the content, you can create a workflow with your potential clients through email that will allow you to capture leads, work with them to mature them as prospects and convert them into clients that will become your best brand ambassadors over time.

How to do marketing for my business through conversation

Another key to Marketing 2.0 is that it prioritizes the relationship with the customer over the business . I know it sounds like a marketer’s milonga, but nowadays, with such an enormous offer of possibilities to satisfy our needs through products or services from all over the world, to think that we are what we do is a mistake.

We are what we feel . And when we consume we seek to feel something more than a simple satisfaction of a basic need. Social networks are what they are, the best communication channel in the world, because they make us feel united to others.

There is no communication medium with as much connection potential as a social network like Facebook, with 1,400 million connected users. But it is not the number that is important, because if you want to connect with millennials you must use Instagram, which is a social network with fewer millions of users. And if you want to do networking you must use LinkedIn that “only” has 500 million users.

But social networks are not to sell, although some brands have a store on Facebook. Social networks are not to talk about products and advertise, although Instagram insists on placing brand advertisements on our wall. That is a disruption in our connection with people and in the end we tend not to pay attention to what is bothering us .

We did it with the TV commercials (with zapping and our trips to the bathroom), we did it with the banners (which every day have to be more annoying if they want to get our attention) and we do it with the advertising, which we pass as if it were a toll for having a free social network.

However, those conversations that excite us (and we return to the subject of the first point and the subject of the second), those that tell us stories that make us connect emotionally with other people, we consume as if there were no tomorrow , we see them as the chapters of the soap opera or Netflix series that has us hooked.

Because people are social beings and a social network is an instrument to do what we have been doing for thousands of years, what has made us what we are, the most evolved social animal on the planet and the most defenseless individual being on the planet. Nature.

When a person gathers a community around him, he becomes a reference, a social element that improves the whole and, therefore, someone appreciated.

How to do marketing for my business helping others

And we come to the end point. If you want your business to work, give more than what you ask for and you will receive ten times more than what you give . This phrase is not mine, it is from one of the greatest experts in modern Marketing out there. Behind that phrase there is more than a Marketing strategy, there is a way of understanding the business of the 21st century.

When Google gives you its search engine, 15Gb of storage in Drive, Google Docs, Google Maps … it is not because it wants to sink the other competitors that could offer those services (there is surely something), it does so because it knows that if you are using Their free services are within their ecosystem and it will be very reasonable that you end up seeing the ads that are on all those platforms.  n fact, Google places more ads in your life than anyone else, but you get the feeling that even those ads are valuable to you. That is why it is a great business. Because it adds value to you with everything it does .

In my professional life, every day I have to answer dozens of emails, some of them ask me for help with their business. Many of them will never hire my services, nor do I pretend to. However, I turn to all of them to offer my help and advice because I know that if I add value to their business they can improve their lives and that makes me happy. And that makes the world a little better. And that one trip can bring me business (of course).

And when one of those entrepreneurs, one of those small businesses, hires me to help them and pays for my services, I get involved in their business as if it were my own. I try to find the best for that project , even getting involved in improving those functions that are neither Marketing nor Branding.

After all, I am also an entrepreneur, I have owned a company and I have worked on hundreds of projects. If I have to give advice on Management, Human Resources, Finance, always with respect for professionals who know more than I do, I do it. The result is that I don’t usually have clients, I have people I work with and who appreciate me.

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