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How to write a post to attract your visitors in 2021

Content Marketing is essential in the Inbound Marketing strategy. We are going to see how to write a post for your blog but with the aim of attracting your target audience. You can write for pleasure or to help others, but if your business needs to attract customers, all your effort when writing articles should be to get visits to your website (blog), that those visits are potential customers and that they feel attracted by what you do.

It is not very appropriate that you write thinking about Marketing, because you will end up wanting to sell before your time.

Create a posting calendar: In order for you to have a good Content Strategy and write interesting articles on a regular basis, you need to have an editorial calendar (a publication calendar). This simple tool will help you to generate attractive content based on the topics that most interest your potential customers (or those topics you want to talk about to generate content appropriate to your products or services). To make the calendar you just have to take and make a list of the categories you want to talk about, put as many rows as you need articles and write headlines that will serve as a guide to write the content.

Create a point index for the article : it is important that you write with a script. Writing without an index is only available to very hard-working writers. You don’t need to cover a lot of points. Choose 3 or 4 and have a continuity. If you talk about unconnected things your readers will be lost, so that script must have a meaning to follow a structure of presentation of the topic, middle and end. It is a way of telling stories that we are very used to.

Write short sentences and simple paragraphs : my language teacher at COU told me that she had no idea how to write. And he was right. For a year he taught me to put subject, verb and predicate. And then to make longer sentences. And finally I got into journalism and they taught me that you have to write concisely and briefly. Newspapers did not have unlimited space, so you had to write with few words, but with the right words. Don’t use more words than necessary to make your explanation clear. And try to create small paragraphs because large paragraphs carry long sentences that are more difficult to read.

Tell something interesting and novel

When writing a post, you have to create content that is interesting and novel. Your audience has a lot to choose from on the Internet and if they find that your content is “more of the same” it will take very little time to leave and that for Google is bad, but for you it is worse.

When you get your content to be read by your potential client and they look for another article that you have suggested, you are starting to fall in love with them. When he becomes a regular reader of your blog then it is very likely that he will buy your products or services.

In addition, if your content is interesting and new, you will get him to subscribe to your newsletter, to download that ebook you have created and to leave you his information to contact him through email marketing.

Write in a pleasant but rigorous way

You have to try to make your content entertaining. Do not be a bore writing. When writing a post you have to have an entertaining narrative, but you should not neglect rigor. You write content to attract your potential customers. You write your content because they seek solutions to problems they have.

Giving advice without rigor can be a bad content strategy. Whenever you go to write, do it about something you control. Especially if you want to enhance your image as a specialist in a field. There will be times when you have to write a post about something that you don’t fully control.

Before you start writing, inform yourself and document yourself. As you have to make a script, look for information on the different points that you must deal with, images that illustrate the article and data that offer some rigorous information.

Write to rank in Google

And finally, think of Google when writing a post. Not from the beginning, but at the end. Once you have written the post, review it and see if you have placed the keyword you want to position in the different locations that will make Google index the article properly.

Once the keyword is defined, remember that it is not necessary to put it exactly the same throughout the entire article. You should not force the writing. Just remember that this term is the one you want to position and find how to place it “naturally” throughout the text, including synonyms and similar phrases.

It is very important that you understand that each article must work a keyword, then you have to search for phrases so as not to repeat the terms. This is what is known as a long-tail strategy . This term means that we search with phrases not with a single word.

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