The Main Limitations and Disadvantages of WordPress.com

In other articles we have talked about WordPress.com, a good option but one that should not be considered for use on your website or main blog since it does not offer the same advantages and benefits as the downloadable platform that is installed in a domain with hosting personal.

If you want to get the most out of WordPress and everything it has to offer, then you should avoid WordPress.com at all costs. Next we are going to see some of the most important limitations of the free version of the platform:

Cannot install Plugins

One of the most notable advantages of WordPress is the ability to modify it according to the needs of performance, design, security, loading speed, etc.

To achieve this, plugins are used, which are not available in blogs created with WordPress.com. This represents a major limitation that decreases the quality and performance of the sites created on this free platform.

If you have access to a few, but the vast majority are not available.

You can’t use premium templates

A professional and quality design with WordPress comes in a premium theme that you can purchase when you have your domain and Web hosting. However, with WordPress.com you will only have access to a few free templates that you can use.

The best and most feature rich are only available for WordPress.ORG. Another great limitation in terms of design, image and performance.

Limited Monetization

If you want to promote products as an affiliate on Clickbank, Amazon or any other network, with WordPress.com you will not be able to do so since they have blocked any type of advertising activity. Nor will you be able to insert your Google Adsense ads or other similar advertising programs; Another downside to web page monetization.

The only way to monetize on WordPress.com is through its WordAds program, only available for blogs that have a certain high amount of traffic.

No control of your account

When you use WordPress.com, the content you post is 100% owned by WordPress and can be unsubscribed or removed at any time without prior notice. In terms of publication, the author has many more limitations and the blog can be closed at any time, since they are very strict with their content policies.

These 4 limitations are enough to completely rule out WordPress.com and choose WordPress.org to create your blog or website. The possibilities and opportunities are much greater and you will have incredible results.

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