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Why SEO is Important to rank your blog on First page in Google

How to do SEO to be the first

The first takes 60% of the clicks, the second 16%, the third 8%, the fourth 5% and from there until the tenth, only 11% of the visits are distributed. It is vital for your business to be among the first three positions to be able to guarantee visits . But how can we SEO to be the first? The first thing we have to understand is that the first position refers to a specific search, it is not an absolute position. And this that seems obvious is not.

Most of the people who have a website want to be the first but do not know what is the search that their potential client is doing. So the first task to be the first is to define what is the keyword (the search) that your potential client performs when they search for your product or service .

Keyword selection

In order to determine which search your potential client is doing, there are several tools that can guide you, although they are not 100% effective.

Ask someone outside of you to Google to find your product or service . Look at the suggestions that the search engine makes as you type. Why is it important that it is someone other than you? If you do the search, it is surely conditioned by your knowledge of the product or service. A neutral person will do a more “natural” search. If you look at the Google suggestions when you type, you will discover other words or phrases that are commonly searched for. So you will have more references

Check out the Google Keyword Planner . The Google ad service (Adwords) offers a keyword planner.  This way you can see if there are enough searches for that keyword to make SEO worthwhile. On many occasions we make an effort to position a word that does not have a hundred searches a month.

Analyze search trends with Google Trends . Search trends will not provide you with data to decide which keyword to rank for, but what topics are hot at any given time. With a good Content Marketing Strategy that works with search trends, you can get interesting qualified traffic, even if they are not potential customers.

And what is it going to help you to have traffic that is not from potential customers? Receiving visits from people who are interested in content that you have worked on and that increase your statistics will improve Google’s consideration when assessing the quality and reputation of your website. Getting that angular content to generate interest and leads is the job of Inbound Marketing .

Optimizing your content

Doing SEO to be the first forces you to take care of all the details that involve the optimization of the content generated on our website. First, because Google requires you to work on certain labels, the writing of the content, its structure to consider that it deserves to be on the first page of results. All posts, all pages, even status updates on some social networks, have to be tagged and optimized for the keyword we want to position

But just as important as SEO for Google is SEO for your readers.. There is nothing worse than receiving a visit on the web and seeing that it is barely 3 seconds after landing. This, which is technically called the bounce rate, It is a consequence of not creating an attractive content, well written, in an easy-to-consume format and above all with a clear CTA.

In most of the occasions that we carry out a search in Google we are looking for information; We land on a page, read the content, and leave. It is a missed opportunity. If it is about quality content that article should invite us to read other similar articles. This way we will ensure that our visit is twice as long and visits twice as many pages (something that Google likes).

You may not be a potential customer and will not buy our product, but we can become an informative reference. You never know if that will ultimately lead to a sale or a recommendation. And if the visit is from a potential client, we cannot let him escape; at least you have to get him to leave us his data. Inbound Marketing will take care of the rest.

Dissemination of content

And finally, don’t leave all the work to Google. If you get visits through other means, those visits will count for SEO . The good thing about SEM campaigns (ads) is that you pay to get qualified traffic when you don’t have the possibility of having organic traffic yet. The SEM is uniform as long as you maintain the investment, but most likely in the medium and long term your investment capacity in SEM will be reduced, especially if you invest in SEO and it begins to give you results after a few months.

Another way to get visits is through social networks. Working on the dissemination and promotion of your content on social networks is complementary to your SEO strategy. If your potential clients are on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, you have to work on a Content Strategy for each of the social networks, adapting the content you create for your website to the characteristics of the social medium.

It is not about you posting a blog post and putting a status update on the profiles. That is only the first step. From time to time you must retrieve old articles, write content only for social networks, encourage comment and participate in the dissemination of such content and, above all, ensure that social interest is transformed into visits to the web.

In summary, statistics do not lie and being on the first page of Google results for the right keyword is the first step to success. Getting to be in the first positions is a matter of focusing the effort to discover which keywords are the best for our business, creating the right content so that it is attractive to Google and to readers and finally complementing the SEO work with the use of all the dissemination channels to which we have access to increase the chances of being visited.

Doing SEO to be the first in the Google SERP is not easy and requires time and resources, human and economic. But if you have a business that depends on being among the first in Google, it is an effort that you must do.

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