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Working Tips for Writing Quality Content in 2021

Write quality content so that your readers get hooked on your blog and your RRSS and come repeatedly to consume that content.

Use lists, tips, tricks …

The lists, the tips, the tricks always work. It is to see a result in Google that puts the “5 tips …”, the “3 infallible tricks …,” How to do … “and we head to them. Quality content does not have to be in this format. There are many articles that are not interesting enough despite having a formula like this. However, as we are a bit lazy to read, we like to be given the information digested, selected and structured . This is why lists work so well. We look at a title like the one in this article and think “at a glance I see it and I learn a lot.”

Take advantage of trends

Being aware of the news is good. Journalists know that the news marks the news agenda. The same thing happens in a blog. If you can take advantage of something that is fashionable, that is controversial or that appears in the mass media, you will be able to ride a wave that will carry you towards your destination.

You do not have to repeat the same thing that televisions tell, but you can analyze any news from the point of view of your business , the topic you talk about on your blog or from the human side of the news (as a user who is affected by the produced in the world).

Look for excitement and training

Look for excitement or training. If you are able to add value to your reader, it is to excite him with something that he also feels or to teach him things that he does not know . Reading good literature (unless it is a literary blog) is not the goal of any of the corporate blogs that I know of. The text must be correct, it must be well written (I take that for granted) but it also has to be able to generate a feeling in the reader.

This feeling can be joy for learning something new, it can be rebellion for discovering an injustice, it can be bitterness for verifying that you are not capable of doing something and that you must hire a professional … what you should never generate is frustrationfor having wasted time. Normally, when we read a professional blog, we do it to answer a question or learn something.

All your readers will thank you for teaching them part of your knowledge . Hence the success of the lists, tips and tricks of the first point. They will also appreciate if you reveal the secrets of hidden information thanks to the analysis of a news from your specialist point of view. In short, if you teach someone the value of your work, you will most likely get a loyal reader and maybe even a client.

Create urgency

And finally, create urgency to consume the content . A post is there indexed for the duration of Google. Anyone can consult it at any time. So how can we generate urgency? If that post teaches you to do something and creates the urgency to start it, it will be more effective, because when the results of the tips are seen, your reader will be able to really appreciate the value of what they read on your blog.

Start by writing headlines for topics you want to write about, keeping the first point in mind. To search for topics, look for what other bloggers with more reputations than you write about, check the news and find topics that are current.

Then write the content thinking about presentation, middle and end. In each of these parts, include a thought or reflection that you want to leave impregnated in the mind of your reader. And finally write in a way that generates sensations, emotions and reactions. Are you ready to write quality content?

In short, writing a corporate blog or content for social networks should be a Marketing exercise. That is why it is necessary to write quality content that invites you to read, to return when there is more and to consider the person who writes them as someone with enough knowledge to be an alternative within the blogosphere. As you have seen in this article, writing quality content is a matter of technique and not art.

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